Fintech Investment Review 2.0 update

Another year into the Covid crisis, I thought that it will be interesting to track how the new Fintech investments are performing.

For this 2nd review, there are 2 notable changes: First is that I’ve top up some investment amount to Cryptocurrency and started a new Robo-invest Mytheo.

Summary of the annualised investment changes is as follows:


Cryptocurrency have another knockout year and as per recommendation by some quarters, rebalance BTC/ETH allocation 50/50. I still do not think cryptocurrency is an investment but more of a speculation and so my allocation will still be limited and capped.

Crowdfunding is affected by the Covid pandemic as their clientele of more risky companies have more delays in payment. The annualized returns thus reduce from 14% to 10%.

Roboinvest Stashaway increased its annualised returns from 10% to 12%. The MSCI world index also recovers in step to 12% as well. This could be due to the rest of the world catching up with US markets in the last one year.

New Roboinvest is up to a flying start clocking 23% for the last one year. However to be clear, it is most probably due to entry timing as its results are actually in line with Stashaway’s result. As the investment gain time horizon, the returns should even out.

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