How to satisfy wanting ‘More!’

”How many times have we said ‘this’ is it! Once I’ve achieved ‘this’, I will be happy. However once we achieved, maybe we will be happy for awhile, and then there will be the next... and the next... and the next... some people came to the conclusion that humanity always wants ‘more’ but actually, we … Continue reading How to satisfy wanting ‘More!’


Black Panther Thoughts

WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! So we watched Black Panther, me and the missus. A common thread running through the various movie reviews is that it is a movie with a message or a movie with relevant commentary. Which is what a good movie does, it appeals to a deeper part of our psyche beyond the surface … Continue reading Black Panther Thoughts

Recently a friend recommended me to check out this financial blog and I'm delighted to find that the writer is actually quite good. The articles are fun, interesting and personal. And the design of his website, definitely miles better than mine ;P What I connect to most is his philosophy of relating personal finance to … Continue reading

Why Is It So Difficult to Impart Financial Knowledge?

Many new advisors start out fresh from Financial Planning School with knowledge of the latest investment theories and insurance calculations. We know our graphs and how it enhances people's personal finance. So why is it so difficult to impart financial knowledge? Rationally, we know money is important in this world where having more money means … Continue reading Why Is It So Difficult to Impart Financial Knowledge?