I always believed that financial education have a connection to spiritual wellbeing.

Similiarly, spiritual maturity will translate to financial wellbeing.

Hence the title of this blog:
Spiritual. Financial.

At first, I thought of writing this blog as a ‘guide’ to both those things. But after writing for awhile, I realise I am probably writing more to promote the wellbeing of these two parts of our lives. Hence I’m going to use wellbeing for the website title from
here on.

The word financial wellbeing generally illicit two kinds of belief from most people.

The first belief is that financial wellbeing means having more money.
Having money making money.
Having passive income.
Having money working for you.

There is nothing wrong with this first belief. But there is a catch. As with all beliefs that are not tempered or balanced, it can lead to a kind of rat race. An endless loop. An all consuming desire to accumulate more and more weatlh and security, without ever
feeling wealthy or secure. It is a trap. I have seen people endlessly worrying about their own wealth and security that they never feel it is enough. And hence they feel helpless and unable to care beyond themselves to others.

The second belief is that financial wellbeing means achieving our financial goals.
Can enjoy our golden years.
Can send children to tertiery education.
Can contribute to charity.

This is a more balanced belief and it can lead to happiness and fulfillment. There is nothing wrong/fair/proper/should/shouldn’t between the first and second belief, only a state of mind. And this state of mind can only be brought about by us having the proper
education, the right kind of challenging questioning by our peers that lead to our own realisation. A realisation of what really is our fears and what really is our happiness. What really is our need and what is just our want.

Which comes to why I feel I have to practice Financial Planning.

Many people feel sadness, despair, despondent about financial matters. It affects them spiritually. And the feeling of being trapped without answers is making people treat each other badly. It is said that if everyone wakes up one day and decide to share their
excess wealth, we can end world hunger and poverty tomorrow.

I can choose not to do this and still have no impact to my own financial circumstance. The world continues as it is. Why rock the boat? But the answer I always come up is: Why not?