Emotional decisions and empathy

Frequently the most difficult problem faced by an advisor is facilitating emotional decisions to be made by a client.  As an engineering graduate who has been thru maths, add maths, applicable maths, calculus, physics, mechanics, optics, programming, wave mechanics, particle physics, network engineering, and getting the investment prize in Certified Financial Planning exam, there is … Continue reading Emotional decisions and empathy

Why some people never engage an Advisor

So according to this survey done by a US-based advisor, the top reason people didn't engage an advisor is: http://www.edelmanfinancial.com/education-center/articles/w/why-some-people-never-seek-financial-advice They don't believe it.  Or more specifically, they don't believe the fee is worth the advice.   Of course, this is a chicken and egg situation. If people never experienced being advised before, they cannot … Continue reading Why some people never engage an Advisor