Fintech Investment Review 2.0 update

Another year into the Covid crisis, I thought that it will be interesting to track how the new Fintech investments are performing. For this 2nd review, there are 2 notable changes: First is that I've top up some investment amount to Cryptocurrency and started a new Robo-invest Mytheo. Summary of the annualised investment changes is … Continue reading Fintech Investment Review 2.0 update

Trading vs Investing

As I talked to people, I realise there is tons of confusion out there between trading and investing. When I ask people what they invest in, sometimes the answer come back as 'something that generates double or triple digit returns'. Sometimes the answer comes back as 'something that I HEARD is good'. Investing is something … Continue reading Trading vs Investing

Understanding how Investment Marketing appeals to our mind

And the correct questions to ask Recently I received a forwarded message about an investment product: First thing to note is that this is a Fintech Product. And looking through the website, it is a crytocurrency trading algo. There are a great many investments free from speculation risk, e.g. FD, bonds... Fintech and Crypto are … Continue reading Understanding how Investment Marketing appeals to our mind

Investment Review 30th Sept 2020

I last posted my Annual Investment Review in January 2017, looking back on 2016. Since then I've stopped investing in single stocks and continued on a diversified plan. I thought I'll look back on my investment performance since it's been awhile. Before I dive into the investments, note that I have dabbled in new … Continue reading Investment Review 30th Sept 2020

Markets misconception: Markets always corrects to normal

“Wall of Ignorance or Bridge of Understanding,We can’t choose what others build for themselves,But we can choose what we spend our time on. “ There have been a few misconceptions about the financial markets which has been bothering us. Things we tend to pick up because it is our favorite subject. The answers are always … Continue reading Markets misconception: Markets always corrects to normal