The 13th Warrior and… financial planning?!

I have these ideas in my head when I'm doing financial planning, and they somehow connects to movies that I've seen. For this week, the inspiration comes from The 13th Warrior starring Antonio Banderas. The first quote from the movie is:" I listened!" Scene here: Those who watched the movie will remember that the … Continue reading The 13th Warrior and… financial planning?!

Emotional decisions and empathy

Frequently the most difficult problem faced by an advisor is facilitating emotional decisions to be made by a client.  As an engineering graduate who has been thru maths, add maths, applicable maths, calculus, physics, mechanics, optics, programming, wave mechanics, particle physics, network engineering, and getting the investment prize in Certified Financial Planning exam, there is … Continue reading Emotional decisions and empathy

New About Me Page

I always believed that financial education have a connection to spiritual wellbeing. Similiarly, spiritual maturity will translate to financial wellbeing. Hence the title of this blog: Spiritual. Financial. At first, I thought of writing this blog as a 'guide' to both those things. But after writing for awhile, I realise I am probably writing more … Continue reading New About Me Page