Property Slowdown

Recently someone expressed their remorse at having invested in a property. “House price didn’t move, cannot get rental, have to pay loan...” Normally this is when a good Financial Advisor will step in and advise “oh, a property is a good diversification to stocks, building cost usually inflation and increase price, blah blah blah” But … Continue reading Property Slowdown

What is Diversification?

Once, it happened, Ah Tan excitedly announced to his whatsapp group: “ I finally learned what diversification is! I’ve put my money across 10 over cryptocurrencies and only half of them defaulted, the others are safe! Luckily I diversified!” Abu, not to be outdone, announced:” Guys, guys, my diversification works! I’ve put money into 10 … Continue reading What is Diversification?

Does FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) work?

Why FIRE (Financial Independence Early Retirement) works for some people, is because thru the action of cutting spending, these people realise what is most important to them. “I protect that which matters most. “ - Seraph By refraining from the compulsive desire to accumulate, only then can one be freed of financial bondage. Some people … Continue reading Does FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) work?