On the misconception of trading time for money and trading money for time

“Before diagnosed with C, my father was busy working, earning money. After that, he retired and tried to join in the family’s activities.

Before he was always saying ‘you guys go ahead’, nowadays it’s always ‘where you guys going?’. It’s driving me and my siblings nuts!” – Ms W…

One thing the family members always say they understand is how the father need to be away to earn money. But when it comes to making back for lost time, it feels a little awkward.

One misconception people have about money and time is that we think money buys time. We think when we’re young we should work to accumulate as much money as possible, I.e. trade time for money And when we’re old, we then retire and trade money back for… time.

But… it is not the same. The time spent to build relationships has compounding returns much like an investment. It is not a simple one hour spent now with children can cover back an hour missed with children 10 years ago.

Right now, most people would say their relationship with their mom is on a much more intimate level than with their dad, or whoever that raise them up.

This is not to say a breadwinner’s job is bad. But, there is a point and a plan to the accumulation. If the accumulation is too much, somehow the relationships will suffer. And, to the day of retirement, everyone maybe so used to their habits that money cannot compensate for the lost opportunities.

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