What if I don’t have a goal, do I still need financial plans?

A plan is a striving towards a goal. A financial plan, we like to say, is striving towards financial freedom.

“But what if I don’t have a goal?”

Basically it just means we did not find out what financial freedom means for us. Many people work this way, if I increase my salary, if my investment grows, i am striving towards financial freedom.

No, it is not. When you get salary increment, you will spend it and strive for the next increment. When your investments grow, you will strive to grow it further, sometimes at a higher risk. There is no “freedom” in these actions. It will be the next and the next and no freedom in sight.

We think the freedom to pursue Life comes with more and more. More and more turns out to be a lifetime of slavery to money. Freedom is the plan to balance striving and living. What is your balance? And what is your plan?

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