Investor as a boss

Was chitchatting with an investor when he started talking about his boss:

“You know management lar, these are the numbers, by hook or by crook you have to deliver it. I don’t care what you do as long as you get the result.”

“I can talk to my guys and get their feedback but management is not interested in the process or reality on the ground.”

In my heart I was thinking, “dude! You’re describing most of the investors out there perfectly!”

When investors invest, they always want returns. When economy is good, the returns are there. When economy is down, this is when the hook, the crook and the boss comes out.

This happens because there is no interest in the process and the reality behind the returns. What is an economy? How is returns generated? What are ALL the instruments available? Without knowing, all you get is a heart attack from all the screaming for results.

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