Does FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) work?

Why FIRE (Financial Independence Early Retirement) works for some people, is because thru the action of cutting spending, these people realise what is most important to them.

“I protect that which matters most. “ – Seraph

By refraining from the compulsive desire to accumulate, only then can one be freed of financial bondage.

Some people thinks this means not enjoying Life or burying their desires. To the contrary, every single possession and experiences now are treasured and enjoyed to the maximum.

Many people bought their dream car/house/TV/etc, enjoyed it for a month and next month already start eyeing another. Human desires are unlimited, satisfying it thru limited financial resources is a disaster.

There exists other dimensions of fulfillment. The sooner one realized this, the sooner one embarks on a journey of financial freedom.

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