Time = Money?

There are certain things we accept without thinking, as a consequence of living in a world playing a capitalistic game. One of which is:

Time = Money.

Sounds simple enough, we need money, to get money we need to spend time to get it. As I mentioned previously, time is also energy and our life. As we age, energy gets lower and our life ticks away. We all know Money is just a medium of exchange, why do we work so hard for it?

Money = Buy Happiness

Money can buy happiness. Forget about religious dogma that money cannot buy happiness. When we’re sad or down, we still buy ice cream, go to the movies, go shopping, etc. money cannot buy happiness sounds like a poor person’s mantra. Between more money and more stress and less money less stress, many people still can’t give up the idea of material wants. They will accept more stress for more money.

Rat race

It’s ironic that there was a run in KL called the rat race. Some made it a point to wear coats, ties and high heels in that particular run. When we do not stop and take stock of our lives, we find ourselves trading our Life Energy for money, trading our money for happiness and in the process, trading their very Life Energies for Stress, for unhappiness with the spouse and children because we can’t spend time with them, most of all for unhappiness with ourselves because we are stuck in a race we do not want to run.

Irrational Rationality

There is a reason why most people don’t save enough for their retirement. People are constantly trading money for happiness, the immediate happiness taking precedence over tomorrow’s. People try to increase their income, investment return to immediately trade it away. They think they’ve exited a rat race to immediately join another. How do we exit a rat race? Once we start recognizing a cycle, we can start questioning it. Once we start questioning, only then will we be receptive to possible solutions.

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