Is thinking about giving bad for our own financial freedom?

“I want to setup an education trust for my grandchildren. Sorry I’m like this, always thinking about other people, keep on giving, bad for my own financial freedom” “Don’t worry Mrs Tan, we’ve worked out your finances, how much you can give and when you can give. It’s good that you thought about giving when you’re capable, there are people who worry constantly that they cannot give.“Thinking about doing something is not an issue, the issue is when thinking too much stops us from doing. But what about knowledge? Shouldn’t we think about what we are going to do if we want to do it well?There’s no issue to getting more knowledge. When knowledge leads to action, that is wisdom. When knowledge leads to inaction, that is imagination, you’re thinking constantly about the things you cannot do. When we do what we can do, that is wisdom. When we do not do what we can do, that is imagination. There is no creativity in this type of imagination, just constant recycling of our fears.-h

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