What we need to know about products guaranteeing regular income

Next to free; regular and guaranteed income is the second most popular method to sell products. Our experience with investments has always been volatile and unpredictable. How wonderful it is to have something regular and guaranteed to us? We can all retire on this awesome product and not worry about our money for the rest of our lives.

One basic way people can sell this shamelessly is by guaranteeing the monthly/yearly dividend/income/distribution payout but hide the potential loss of capital in the fine print. Potential loss of capital meaning the actual investment used to generate the income is risky and unclear.

Many people have already come in touch with this method of selling; see how many you can recognize the regular income part of the marketing: gold investment schemes, money games, guaranteed rental returns, palm growers, certain investment trust structure (not all of them), structured products, etc.

One thing we can ask is for is a letter of guarantee from the product seller guaranteeing both the income and principal. The other thing we can do is be more intimately familiar with our own tendencies. Why these marketing techniques has always been successful is because our own hope against hope for a retirement plan based on a magical regular income. A regular income without the pain of volatility. There is no such thing.

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