Breaking free of the Financial Bondage of a Rat Race

“What if I don’t have financial goals and dreams? I’m a happy go lucky kind of gal, you know?”

“It’s impossible, if you don’t have a goal or dream, it means you haven’t dug deep enough. Somehow the possibilities are closed to you”

“I guess I do want to provide for my family. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to do so, aren’t I?”

Most of us are so much into the Rat Race mindset that we couldn’t see a way out of it. We work hard at our jobs, we spent all our time and energy, just to buy things that justify the time and energy we put into work. We constantly upgrade, sometimes show off. We spend everything that we earn. In this manner, we put our dreams aside. What’s there to dream when we can’t even see the next few years?

There is a fear that when we stop running, we are dead. To a certain extent it is true. There is also a fear that without the work to keep us occupied, we will feel meaningless and purposeless. To a certain extent it is also true. There are many psychological and existential issues the mind will create once we break the cycle of accumulating physical materials.

One of the effects of financial planning is to kill this cycle of accumulation. Many times it is an emotional process for those who are still having demons with the idea of financial freedom. The IS always a reason why it is impossible to achieve.

For those who have started to question the value of being in an endless race, it is inevitable that they will start to make a plan and start testing it around. They will want to know the best practices and discipline required. They will want to make sure it is resilient and can stand up to whatever reality throws at it.

It is also inevitable that the people who manage to break free would be those that have a psychological and emotional stability to them. Some call it financial knowledge, some call it a skill of delaying gratification but all of them first had to decide to break their own personal financial bondage and boundary.

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