The Witness and the process of interpretation

Recently I’m playing a game called The Witness, it is a highly rated game which finds resonance with a lot of people.

It is, at the first glance, a puzzle game. A puzzle game in the sense that there is a problem, there is a solution, and there is a rule governing the solution to the problem.

The Witness game starts off with a simple rule and as we confront more and more complicated puzzles, our mind is compelled to integrate more and more rules.

The resonance that happens then is this: In the game itself are audio and video clips of scientists, philosophers, mystics, etc. each trying to figure out a puzzle called the universe and each giving their different set of rules they think the universe runs on.

For some of us, it highlights that the way we approach a puzzle is the same way we approach the world. We test out patterns and see if we can figure out the universal rules.

Take for example this puzzle forwarded by a friend:

The problem is in the last line, the solution is the “?” we are searching for and the rules are given in the first 3 lines. Can you find the solution?

For many of us, once we find the first solution and were told that it was wrong, we then immediately try to reinterpret the question and test another answer. We try to observe closely and see what we missed the first time… second time… third time.

This is the same way we approach the world. We are always trying out different rules, e.g. the golden rule, the law of attraction, Grand Unifying Theory, etc. we are all looking for answers.

As my interest and time spent is in the financial aspect of Life, I am also always finding, integrating and testing the rules of financial markets. The laws governing investments, the theory of economics, testing them all in the crucible of Live Markets.

The process is always ongoing, finding and integrating more and more rules to help safeguard and grow hard earn monies.

As I mentioned before to a stock day trader, we can test all our ideas and hypothesis against the market, at the end of the day, we must end up with success most of the time. If not we must re-examine our rules and see what we missed the first time. If we had a string of successes but if the last test left us with zero, we still have not figure out the market.

It also highlights the high probability of failure if we put all our money into one basket. As there is a possibility that there is a rule we did not account for, anytime could see all that money wiped out.

The takeaway is this: There is a limit to our interpretation of the world of financial markets. It is prudent to engage with others of a diversity of thoughts and ideas so that we can challenge and learn new things that we have not thought of. Only then we are always improving our finances.

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