How to satisfy wanting ‘More!’

”How many times have we said ‘this’ is it! Once I’ve achieved ‘this’, I will be happy. However once we achieved, maybe we will be happy for awhile, and then there will be the next… and the next… and the next… some people came to the conclusion that humanity always wants ‘more’ but actually, we want it all; there is an essential part of human nature that’s longing to be limitless.

Trying to satisfy this boundless longing with physical means is hopeless. The very meaning of physical is that there is a boundary; we can only know physicality if there is a boundary that defines me and everybody else. As long as there is a boundary, we can only keep increasing it; perhaps one day we take care only of ourselves, tomorrow we can include our family; with great difficulty maybe our neighbors. It’s like trying to reach the moon by peddling hard on a bicycle, the intention is noble but the method is hopeless.

What people experience as a longing for the infinite is actually coming from a dimension which is beyond the physical within themselves. If they can come in touch of this source of boundless longing, then they may have a chance of finding an answer.“

Correspondingly, what we call as ‘financial freedom’ has also an aspect which is beyond financial. We have seen people doing the wildest things and taking more and more risk with their money because they think having ‘more’ will give them a peace of mind. However this mindset only traps them in the cycle of accumulating the next, the next and the next. And then the children just spend it all after they have finished worrying themselves to death. It is important that we look at this, what is financial freedom really; what it means for us and then look at the means to get there in a realistic manner. Definitely having ‘more’ and ‘more’ endlessly will not work.

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