How to get more clarity in our stock investments – example

To give an example of what I discussed in the previous post, see follows:


The annualising Excel Formula I’m using is INTRATE( ).

However to get to the result above, we need to do some work and start some data collection discipline.

Normally from Bursa’s statements, we can extract our list of stock holdings as per sample below:

list of shares redacted

First thing we notice is some stocks that have been delisted. It happens when we do not monitor our investments closely. We can’t do much for our delisted shares until the company relist it on the stock market again.

Next we have to determine our entry price, dividends collected so far and the transaction cost paid.

Lastly we check the latest price on Bursa to calculate how we are actually doing.

price movements

Looking at the share prices, they are mostly stagnant. We can surmise that most of the stocks here were either bought for speculation or dividend payments. These info of course need to be extracted from past transaction forms.

Just for interest sake, we take a short cut and compare this list to the ones owned by a “K Fund”, we found only 4 stocks that are similiar. It is likely, but not certain, that once we extract the entry price, dividends collected so far and the transaction cost paid data, we may find there’s an underperformance in our stock vs “K fund”. (We can reason that since “K fund” is one of the best of breed, given our portfolio difference, we are more likely to be underperforming.)

“K fund” listing as follows:

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