Past Life

Recently I had my past lives read by a soul-reader, or someone who is able to look into our previous incarnations to see what causes the current obstacle in our life.

Suffice to say you must first 1. Believe in reincarnation, and 2. Believe in karma. 1. That our souls return again and again to this earth and 2. That what we did in our past life will impact the result in our current life.

This is a big jump and for those sceptical can stop here and read this instead:

I will first describe her descriptions and interpretations first in parenthesis and then my own interpretation subsequently:


(You are an old soul. I see you as a caveman) So first she calls me an old soul, and then explained it by saying that my first incarnation was a caveman. Apparently there are young souls and old souls and that everyone’s earliest incarnations are different. And apparently by having a caveman incarnation, I am an old soul and have more ‘accumulated’ knowledge.


(You are a trapeze artist, you like the freedom of travelling around and not attached to anything. You are good with children, you entertain them but you do not feel the need to have children or be tied down with them.) So this is in response to the question whether I have any problems with the idea of having children. So I don’t really have a problem, and my wife do marvel at my ability to handle her nephew and niece but I explained it by saying I listened to them when everyone is not. As a child, I always like climbing on balconies and balancing myself on the 1st floor like a trapeze artist, scaring my parents and grandparent to death, so there might be a connection there. In addition, I am also still a person who likes freedom and not be attached.


(You are a Japanese world war era Maths teacher, your wife was your student in this incarnation) I am good at Maths, winning numerous awards from Primary to University days. I also feel a particular affinity towards the Japanese culture of simple and exact way of life. Also my wife do complain me as a strict person of authority in one of her dreams.


(You and your wife are Caucasian couple living in the alps. As in a lot of past incarnations, you both always recognises each other as soul mates and have each other as first and last loves) Yea, verily we are first loves and probably the last in this lifetime as well. We like hiking up mountains and have the Swiss Alps as our first honeymoon destination.


This meeting with the soul-reader was not my idea and I confess I’m was not overly enthusiastic about it. I know there is a danger of reading too much into the information and seeing connections where there are none. People will always try to find reasons for their being and they might be too attached to the reason that they forgot to be just ‘being’.

That being said, it does throw up some interesting questions as to what is being said or what is not being said. It is said that when we do wrong by someone or when someone do wrong by us without one forgiving the other, we leave behind a ‘negative’ energy at that particular moment. Part of our soul is unable to move on until we have practised forgiveness. Apparently that is what causes the bad ‘karma’ in our current lifetime. These karmas can accumulate and make our next lives more and more miserable.

I had a charmed life and can be said to be born with a silver spoon. Apparently this is due to both me and my wife having a positive energy relationship time and again throughout our incarnations. And resulted in my mom remarking once how come I had such a smooth sailing life.

The other question is also whether our soul is eternal and timeless since we can leave behind a part of our soul, frozen in time dealing with unresolved issues. Whether all souls are ultimately part of a greater whole since new souls can slice off and appear as and when required due to different ‘aging’ of souls.

Lastly this calls into question our fixation upon ‘this’ life. If we knew our actions have consequences beyond this life, would we be more careful of what we do now? The other idea being imparted by the soul-reader and her interpreter is that we should never make promises casually nor curse anyone else. These things have a way of leaving residuals and coming true the next life and after that. Words have power and they can bind us forever until released.

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